SEAROV is a human-sized company, which operates quickly and efficiently. For your underwater inspections and projects, you can count on SEAROV’s people, fully committed to your success.



Inspections and underwater works, drilling and construction support, oil services – One-time operations or recurring work.





Underwater inspection campaigns

Emergency response

NDT Survey

Set-up and construction work support

Bathymetric monitoring and campaigns

Drilling support

ROV and underwater tools maintenance and upgrades

Ocean floor inspection and bathymetry

The ROV fleet – A Powerful Fleet 


From a small robot for facility surveys to a large vehicle for underwater construction, SEAROV has a broad range of ROVs for shallow, intermediate or deep-sea projects.

1 Micro ROV Observer, operational in depths of up to 100m, primarily used for difficult to access areas.

4 ObsROVs SEAEYE FALCON (IMCA Class II / III): the latest generation observation robots, light, highly mobile, powerful, recommended for assistance work (drilling, work by divers, etc.) and for visual inspections and NDT in shallow waters. We recently carried out jacket inspections for TOTAL E&P Congo with a launch of the robots from the jacket. The Falcon operated in free-swimming mode at a depth of 100m. This type of operation saves the costs related to the use of a dynamic positioning support ship. A wide range of sensors and optional tools are available for the Falcon (such as a reacher arm, multifunction arm, rotary brush for cleaning, projectors, ultrasound WTM and FMD gages, CP probes – measurement of cathodic potential, low-light cameras and SIT cameras, USBL transponders, etc.).

1 ObsROV SEAEYE FALCON with LARS and TMS (in a container), operational in depths of up to 400m for inspections.

1 ObsROV SUB ATLANTIC MOJAVE (IMCA Class II) quickly deployable for shallow waters and for areas with strong currents.

1 SUB ATLANTIC MOHAWK unit: composed of a ROV equipped with a manipulator arm with LARS, TMS and workshop/20 ft. DNV piloting container. This unit can operate in depths of up to 1000m.

1 TRITON XL 100HP 2000m unit: composed of a ROV equipped with two manipulator arms with LARS, TMS and workshop container, 20 ft. piloting container. This unit can operate in depths of up to 2000m for construction tasks.

1 Electric WROV SEAEYE PANTHER Plus. This ROV is used to perform: light construction tasks, drilling assistance, surveys, recovery of wrecks in depths of up to 1200m.