Inspections and underwater works, drilling and construction support, oil services – One-time operations or recurring work.

A Proven Expertise

In addition to its recognized technical expertise, SEAROV has extensive knowledge specific to remote sites, including Africa and Asia. The constraints pertaining to these markets are anticipated and bypassed thanks to well-established logistics, ensuring rapid, efficient and on-schedule projects.

A Permanent Local Presence

With local branches in Africa and Asia, SEAROV is always available to its clients, with on-site equipment and people ready to be immediately deployed.

 Areas of activity

Our strategy is based on behavior, concentrating on 2 main areas:

  • Individuals: Improvement of knowledge, skills and behavior. Mandatory and systematic use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Facilities: Better quality equipment and working environment. Prior study before post-operation deployment.
  • Piloting: for searching for wrecks, construction and maintenance
  • Of offshore facilities: installation and inspection of underwater pipelines and platforms,installation of spools, drilling assistance.
  • Development: creation of three models of ROVs undergoing validation, development of specific tools and equipment for ROVs (cameras, manipulator arms,systems of measurement of soiling thicknesses,clamp ammeters, cathodic protection measurement systems), development and construction of cages and porticos for launching ROVs,
  • Maintenance and control: Specific tools and equipment for ROVs (cameras,manipulator arms, systems of measurement of soiling thicknesses, clamp ammeters, systems of measurement of cathodic protection).
  • Saturation diving: for installing and checking offshore facilities, repairof electrical cables, interventions on SBM buoys, the search for wrecks.


Quality and Safety (QHSE)

SEAROV OFFSHORE has set itself key targets in relation to Quality and Safety with particular emphasis on Continuous Improvement in these two areas.

This strategy has resulted in a continuous reduction of injuries, incidents and workplace accidents.

SEAROV OFFSHORE is a member of the IMCA (International Marine Contractors Association), which guides and audits member companies and lays down appropriate measures for achieving these quality targets.

Our core business is ROV and associated services:

Underwater inspection campaigns
(GVI, CVI of structures, pipelines,…)

NDT Survey


Debries and Rov mounted survey
Prior to any jack-up deployement, frame or jacket installation the surrounding landing area need to be surveyed, debris eventually removed. According to the water depth and vessel available to perform the job, SEAROV Offshore will deploy the most appropriate vehicule. For intermediate to deep water projects, survey sensors can be fitted on our ROV to perform accurate close to the seabed acquisition.

ROV and underwater tools maintenance and upgrades
The deployment of various ROV ranges equipped with specific survey sensors, in containerized or free-swimming formats. SEAROV facilities with a storage area and lifting capacity are easily accessible to perform regular or one-off maintenance of any ROV tools and equipment. Mechanics, Electrics, Electronics or Hydraulics, our technicians and engineers will maintain them according to the highest quality standards.

Emergency interventions
Deployment of a Single-beam echo sounder, Multiple-beam echo sounder, sidescan sonar, sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, CTD probe or tide gage.


Assistance with installation and construction work
(drilling, work by divers, etc.)

Assistance with drilling


Seabed inspection and bathymetry: Monitoring and campaigns
(before-after dredging, approaches, etc.):

Our ROVs can perform different kinds of underwater inspections: pipelines, jackets, quays from the surface and up to a depth of 2000m. Some of our units can be deployed at very short notice for urgent or emergency operations. Our smaller units have been used to inspect internal tanks inside built structures.